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With many staffing agencies competing and recruiting for your organization’s job opportunities, trying to manage communications between recruiters/vendors, hiring managers, and human resources can be especially frustrating and challenging. Net2Source offers a VMS model that encourages and upgrades an overall contingent workforce procurement process.

Our dedicated Program Management Office keeps up communication between your organization and staffing firms, ensuring a seamless and streamlined hiring process. Utilizing our integrated web-enabled environment, we keep up a vendor-neutral approach, enabling you to find the top talent from a huge number of sources.


Our Vendor Management System (VMS) model includes:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Monitoring of vendor performance
  • Consolidated invoicing and payments to vendors
  • Ability to staff all regional and national locations
  • Increased in fill ratios and speed of job placements
  • Increased diversity spend throughout the organization
  • Vendor selection, contract management and payment
  • Substantial savings thru vendor consolidation
  • Fully vetted screening programs creating consistency across your facilities
  • One point of communication impacting efficiencies and streamlining processes
  • Bill rate negotiation, validation and compliance with vendors, ensuring significant cost savings

Net2Source’s VMS can help your business rapidly and easily manage vendors and the hiring process. You can center around your core business while we work to discover you the right talent at the right cost. To learn more about Net2Source’s Contingent Workforce Management Solutions, please contact us.

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