Change how you engage with prospects, clients, accomplices, and representatives by utilizing the maximum capacity of Salesforce Cloud Applications and incorporate it with your back office and other Cloud, On-premise, and Social/Mobile Applications.

Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM, offers cloud based applications – Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Apps Cloud and IoT Cloud– to help undertakings increase profitability and changes. Salesforce empowers better understanding of client’s close to home inclinations and helps serving clients better by giving access to past client interactions, and even distinguish new deals openings by breaking down the best client buy histories.

Net2Source, a Registered Partner of Salesforce acquires broad technology mastery Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, FinancialForce, Lightning Bolt, Community Cloud, Wave Analytics and Einstein for Artificial Intelligence to aid all your business needs and empower you to upgrade your client benefit with more responsive, instinctive and flexible support. Our strategic and industry particular understanding of Salesforce execution/customization enables endeavors to unleash the maximum capacity of Salesforce applications and empowers them to minimize working expenses and accomplish speedier ROI, settle on savvy choices, accelerate efficiency.


Net2Source Salesforce offering portfolio provides end-to-end administrations with speedier time to advertise at reduced costs to assemble Customer Success Platform which helps endeavors outline and fabricate remarkable bleeding edge client encounters.

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Whether it’s another Salesforce activity or upgrade of a diminished system, our Salesforce Health Check is an extensive assessment benefit that helps you check your framework’s general wellbeing and gives suggestions on the most proficient method to enhance it.

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Our Salesforce consultants make guide for execution which takes our customers from methodology and advancement to deployment and support.

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With our lively conveyance philosophy, we adjust our custom Salesforce development & deployment with your special plan of action to makes sales obtaining and administration faster and more effective for you.

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Our profound ability in building connectors to outer frameworks and broad experience of coordinating different inward and third party systems like – SAP, ServiceNow, ERP, Mulesoft, Netsuite and CTI with Salesforce utilizing SOAP, REST, BULK and Meta Data APIs which are extensible, adaptable, secure and productive.

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Our Salesforce specialists comprehend the business needs and can effectively move Sales and Service Cloud from different applications like Oracle, Microsoft, Siebel and SugarCRM alongside outlining and execution of custom and work process applications on platform.

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We give technical support, continuous exhortation, upgrades, 24×7 support, and organization of actualized Salesforce arrangements according to characterized SLAs.



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Streamlining Business Functions Foran Energy Management & Automation Company

Net2Source conveyed a Platform Health Review on their current Salesforce execution to institutionalize on-going advancement, upgrade and support administrations which included Sales, Service and Marketing Cloud and capacities like Issue Management, Partner Relationship Management, Identity Management and Service Max. With this Consulting administrations on SFDC coding rules and Best practices – Code survey, Consistency and Exception taking care of, Code Reusability, Documentation and Performance and in addition audit administrations for Visualforce pages, Apex classes and Triggers, Custom APIs, Workflow and Validation Rules and Key Profiles helped them in Return On Investment (ROI) augmentation at lower TCO, Speedier go-to-market and item portfolio development, Expanded profitability utilizing 24×7 support services.

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