MAXIMISER (Employee Productivity Management Software)

Maximiser is a Work Transformation Analytics Suite that enhances employee productivity by 20% to 35% through better work organization thereby increasing revenue generation. Maximiser is used by the IT/ITES industry across Shared Services, BPO, KPO, IT Services, Application Development & Maintenance and IT Outsourcing segments.

Why Maximiser?

Maximiser tracks time efficiency and time effectiveness with key statistics and trend analysis. Maximiser is a unique concept that works on Lean Assessment, Capacity Analysis and Operational Control and acts as a self-mentor for users without intrusion of their privacy.

Maximiser is a completely automated solution that tracks user work time with no manual entry. It provides insight into active time spent on workstation including break-up by time spent on value-add, non-value add, personal work as well as time spent away from the workstation.

The user remains on the job while work data is collected, non-intrusively and non disruptively. This comprehensive view of work time allows organizations to reduce work time wastage and enhance work efficiency.

Core Features of Maximiser

Enhance Team Productivity

Personal Productivity Mentor

Improves Outsource Effeciency

Enable Telecommuting & Flexi Workhours

Advanced Analytics is an unique add-on service offering to Maximiser which enables you to discover work patterns and work trends within your organization, and use this insight to enhance operational efficiency. We use a custom built BI Engine to run specific derivative analytics on Maximiser data for better decision making. With advanced analytics, organizations can performdeeper analysis, gain insight into scope of improvement across teams and verticals and improve decision-making and resource planning.