Managed Service Provider (MSP)

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Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Organizations face numerous difficulties in hiring and maintaining a talented workforce. Lengthy talent searches, difficult and time-consuming coordination between hiring managers and HR, and unstructured pay and bill rates all impact an organization’s ability to have an efficient, cost-effective workforce management process. Net2Source offers a suite of solutions to your workforce management challenges, and when combined, produces the perfect outsourcing solution: The Net2Source Managed Service Provider (MSP) Solution.

Net2Source assists many of the largest companies in the industry with solving one of their most challenging issues: engaging the talent they need – when, where and how they need it.


Advantages of Managed Service Provider (MSP)

  • Diminish the time taken for the whole hiring cycle
  • Manage vendors in a single location and ensure vendor compliance
  • Utilize information to drive vendors to provide competitive rates for positions
  • Employment paperwork, documentation, and timesheets in a focal area and managed by Net2Source
  • A transparent process that works for your particular needs and challenges
  • By combining all staffing needs in a single place, your organization should experience significant cost savings

As your MSP provider, we take charge of your whole staffing needs, from managing payroll to recruiting the top talent to monitoring vendors and contractors on an everyday premise. Let us take the reigns on your workforce management and let you return to business.

Looking for One-Stop Solution Partner?

Net2source is The Source for Talent On-Demand – 24/7/365. We’ll find the perfect match for your staffing needs.