Our executive team at Net2Source consists of a diverse group of experienced executives who are leaders in their communities and in the business world. We are especially good listeners and pride ourselves in strategically aligning ourselves to our customer’s business objectives. Our vision for success is to provide significant value in IT Managed Services and Talent Management Solutions with complete satisfaction.

Ashish Garg, Founder & CEO

Ashish Garg is the Founder and CEO of Net2Source Inc., a global workforce solutions company. He started his entrepreneur career when he was few days away from turning 17 and after 18 years he still has the same hunger, passion and vision to achieve new heights in career. He has been extremely successful in whatever projects he has picked in his career and staffing is no different. Ashish started his Staffing Journey 15 years back when he was hired to start, manage and build an offshore recruitment delivery center for a US-based staffing firm, initially Ashish’s role and assignment was to manage Finance and provide business support to the operations but due to his keen learning skills and aptitude to do something big in life he got himself involved in all aspects of business and lead the team of 4 which started into a shared office space to a team of 500+ in just 2 years. He has owned company’s growth and expanded’ s company’s operations to 3 different business locations and got himself heavily involved towards transition of Business Processes to offshore captive facility saving the company Millions of Dollar YoY basis. He always believed in the fact that there is nothing more powerful than employees passion and initiative to make customers and consultants happy. Satisfaction sparks a long-lasting word of mouth about Net2Source as a brand. He came up with Net2Source a decade back with a vision to establish Net2Source in 2007. He strongly believes that.