Employer of Record Services

An organization that provides Employer of Record services essentially places a client’s employees on that organization’s payroll. The client organization still educates the work of the employees and the employees are as yet thought about workers for the originally employing organization.

In any case, the Employer of Record organization would be accountable for payroll, benefits, taxes, and an assortment of other HR and compliance purposes. The organization viably turns into the employees’ primary employer, yet just on paper and for tax purposes. A wide group of organizations uses companies that provide the employer of record services to help with payroll, benefits, and other back-office HR needs.

There are significant points of interest for small- and medium-sized organizations to utilize organizations that offer these services – as they can enable the primary employer to stay in compliance with an assortment of rules, laws, and guidelines which the primary employer may not have the expertise, staff, or bandwidth to support. On the other hand, an organization that does not outsource these tasks would need to deal with all HR services in-house.

Payroll Services



Data Compliance

Other HR Functions

Why Choose Us?

There are so many benefits that accompany working with an organization that provides employer of record services, including:

Time Savings

Organizations regularly use this model to spare themselves from the strain of supporting back-office HR services on their own.


Organizations that don’t have specific expertise in HR, tax, and data compliance can run into issues when they attempt to deal with this all alone. Employer of record services takes on that trouble and permits the consistent organization to keep away from the significant burden — financial penalties or other business sanctions — that accompanies being resistant.

Risk Avoidance

As mentioned, the risk will in general fall (primarily) on the organization giving employer of record services.

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