Contract-to-hire services offer benefits to both employers and candidates. In this procedure, the candidate start their work as an employee of Net2Source (as all contractual workers do) and then transfers to being a full-time employee of the client upon agreement between Net2Source and the client.

What are the primary reasons to use an contract-to-hire option?

Enhanced access to expertise in hard-to-find disciplines.

Building up your own pool of qualified and interested applicants can be time-consuming and challenging. Net2Source has access to a broader range of candidates and the ability to guarantee that they are appropriate for your job before you interview them.

Reduced recruiting costs.

You invest your energy assessing just the best applicants – and just bring them on your payroll after you’ve guaranteed that they are the right fit. This reduces your costs overall by ensuring that you don’t have forthright expenses on a candidate that doesn’t fit on a long-term premise.

Significant reduction of employment-related issues.

With Net2Source dealing with the initial recruiting and the contract employment period, you have less to oversee and less to stress over. We handle the paperwork and any transitions related to the position and candidate.

Transfer of complex HR, logistical and statutory compliance responsibilities

Transfer of complex HR, logistical and statutory compliance responsibilities to a provider who understands these issues and has created procedures to adequately relieve hazard. We are the specialists at both discovering extraordinary candidates as well as running the duties associated with the contract and hiring process. You can be guaranteed that we will deal with the complexities of any issues so you and your team don’t have to.