Ashish Garg always believed in If you take care of the company, company will take care of. He believes in his vision, his employees and his strategy to shape up the future of the Workforce Management. His motto is to be the BEST in whatever we do. He started off this company by taking personal loan as he didn’t want to take any help from his parents/friends or anyone else. He approached 15 banks to gather $100k loan. He started operations in India with 5 employees, zero clients under his belt and 500 square feet office and now his company is $35 million in revenue, 2000+ employees globally, debt free, no venture funding. Today, he has more than 14 locations across states, and operations in 7 countries.

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He doesn’t have diversity certification which many other competitors have, which at times makes things tough to fetch business as he has to compete in general category, but he never gave up. He always knew what he was doing and what he wanted to do.

Being just 35 years old, Ashish has more than 450+ clients in various verticals like Healthcare, Pharma, Telecom, Banking, Financial, Retail, Insurance, Oil &Gas, Travel – to name a few Pfizer, Glaxo Smith Kline, CVS, Johnson & Johnson, Federal Reserve Bank (12 chapters), PNC, Chase, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, New York Life Insurance, Prudential, Walmart, Starbucks, Amazon, T Mobile, Verizon, Exxon Mobile, Booking.Com, Expedia to name a few.

Net2Source under his leadership has been awarded as Best of the Best Supplier by Agile1 for supporting 21 clients (Fortune 100) and made it to INC 500 list since last 4 years consecutively.

He has always believed in different strokes for different folks and chalked out a strategy which focuses on resolving pain and value addition vs. just selling services. He spends almost $3 million every year in technology to recruit the best talent and has processes streamlined to ensure transparency, efficiency and productivity.

Net2Source made it to 100 Best company to work for in India and won ISES award for Innovative Sales Excellence award.

Ashish has been nominated for 40 under 40 by Staffing Industry Analyst and Net2Source nominates as 100 fastest growing company in America.

Ashish has been able to successfully manage entire operations of Net2Source and own a sister company Transcend Staffing Solutions too – total worth of companies is more than $50 million.

Ashish promoted unity in diversity and has 50:50 gender ratio at work (men: women) and promoted military, veteran and creates employment opportunities for physically challenged people. He believes in giving back to the society – he has partnered with multiple NGO and Orphanages to help the needy. He has adopted a baby as well as his daughter and donates considerable chunk of money for benevolent activities.

He has been a role model for many and he has never say never spirit and holds integrity high in everything he does. He believes in doing things differently and is very unconventional in his business strategy and approach.